The UGA Tour App

The app to transform your golf rounds

The social golf revolution


Experience the thrill of professional golf with our free mobile scoring app. Enjoy league & society management, live leaderboards, and real-time updates, while tracking your own stats. Manage events like a pro, bringing the excitement of the tour to your fingertips.

Tour Feel

The UGA Tour App is designed to make you feel like you're on tour. Stay connected with fellow players and get insights like never before with our live leaderboards and stats, and follow your own golf journey with a fully integrated performance hub, including AI-generated feedback on your game.

Many, many features

Become part of a global golfing ecosystem with world rankings, AI-generated news articles & interviews, or simply use The UGA Tour App for your everyday social rounds - 12+ formats are bound to keep things interesting!

With over 30 000 courses on our database, chances are The UGA Tour App is ready to elevate your golfing experience.


Real Time Updates

Experience the thrill of playing with a live leaderboard that updates in real time, providing you with instant access to the latest scores, stats, and standings. The UGA Tour's live technology provides you with the following:

  • Live leaderboards with player scorecards
  • Live stats board displaying:
    • Net & Gross strokes
    • Putts
    • Fairways and Greens in Regulation
  • Individual hole stats:
    • Net & Gross Averages
    • Putt Averages
    • Player Comparisons
  • Longest Drive & Closest to the Pin
  • Score and Rankings Trackers - visual progress display

Leagues & Events

Transform your social golf rounds into an exhilarating league experience with our dynamic mobile app. Gone are the days of casual play, as our app takes your friendly competitions to the next level.

Seamlessly organize and manage a golf league right from your fingertips, bringing structure, excitement, and friendly rivalry to every round. Track scores, calculate handicaps, and monitor player statistics with ease, ensuring fair and balanced competition.

Stay connected with fellow golfers, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories as you embark on a season of unforgettable golfing adventures. Join the league revolution and let our app elevate your social golf rounds to extraordinary heights.


Performance Dashboard

Get an insight to your game beyond the usual numbers. Depending on which stats inputs are enabled for the rounds you play, enjoy the following at your disposal:

  • AI-Generated feedback on your rounds through comparisons to other players and previous rounds
  • Scoring Stats:
    • General
    • Par 3/4/5s
    • Streaks
  • Accuracy - FIR & GIR
  • Putting Stats
  • Scrambling & Conversion
  • Event Finishes & Rankings
  • Visual Displays:
    • Net & Gross Averages
    • Putting Averages
    • Par 3/4/5 Averages
  • Sort stats by year, course or league

Cup Mode

Experience the intensity and thrill of the Ryder Cup right at your fingertips with our incredible mobile golf scoring app. Introducing our exclusive cup feature that brings the spirit of this iconic team competition to your golfing adventures.

Gather your friends, create teams, and compete head-to-head in a battle for glory and bragging rights. Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere as you strategize, strategize, and execute shots to outplay your opponents.

The app seamlessly tracks team scores, individual performances, and match outcomes, keeping you fully engaged in the competitive spirit. Get ready to unleash your inner champion and embark on an unforgettable Ryder Cup-style journey with our cutting-edge mobile app. Let the team spirit ignite and take your golfing experience to extraordinary heights.



Multiple Formats

Experience golf in various exciting formats with our mobile scoring app. Whether you prefer singles, team, or matchplay, our app has you covered. Compete individually, collaborate with a team, or engage in head-to-head battles. Elevate your game and enjoy the ultimate golfing experience.

World Rankings

Our mobile golf app introduces a cutting-edge world rankings system. Rise through the ranks based on your performance in events. The higher you place, the closer you get to the pinnacle of global golfing excellence. Track your progress, challenge yourself, and compete against the best to claim your spot at the top.

Course Information

Discover the perfect golfing destination with our mobile app's comprehensive courses database. Explore nearby courses, browse essential stats, and make informed decisions about your next round. From yardage and par to ratings and reviews, unlock the key details that will elevate your golfing experience.