The Commissioner

A lightweight yet powerful tournament management software, designed to be flexible and fit all your needs

Simple Structure

The UGA system is divided into 5 modules in a sub-structure format which creates a simple yet effective workflow for managing events, tournaments and players. "The Commissioner" is the hub from which you can manage all of these modules simply & effectively.

Club Module:

Manage your club, players and events from a central hub

League Module:

Create specific divisions for different player groups & manage them over time

Events Module:

Create events which form part of leagues, or create standalone events

Rounds Module:

Set up tournament formats and rounds

Live Module:

Score and display your events LIVE using the UGA Tour App for FREE






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Designed to integrate

Unlike many other golf management software, The Commissioner is designed to integrate with the existing systems of any club or golfing body rather than take over already existing systems.

The Commissioner is a tournament management software that allows club pros and golf directors to continue using their existing membership management systems in conjunction with the software.

"Player ID Management" on The Commissioner allows clubs to export tee sheets, member databases and more directly from their existing membership management platforms in CSV format and upload these to our platform in order to create tee sheets, league player lists an more in seconds!

The Commissioner platform also integrates seamlessly with both The UGA Tour App to allow club's members the ability to score live, track stats and view live leaderboards on course during events as well as with The UGA Tour Website so provide shareable leaderboards, league pages, event pages and player profiles to anyone at any time!

Club Management

The club dashboard on The Commissioner provides a "top down" view of your operations on the platform and is the central hub from which admins are able to:

  • Create & View Events & Leagues
  • Manage player database
    • Add Players
    • Message Players
    • Bulk import players/tee sheets using CSV upload
    • Manage player ID's for cross-platform integration
  • Manage club sponsors for display on leaderboards
  • Access/view past & future leagues/events
  • Post tournament realated messages on the club message board
  • Keep updated with automated notifications

Event Management

The event creator gives club admins full control over the setup of any event by allowing them to:

  • Choose from a list of singles or team formats
  • Create leaderboard divisions by handicap or age
  • Enable stats, custom rules and other admin extra's to add more to the event for your players
  • Import players from third party software using CSV upload
  • Manage prize list & automatic prize allocations for live events
  • Admin score input
    • Input scores for players who do no make use of The UGA Tour App for live scoring
    • The simple input format means that anyone on a club's staff can collect and input scores
  • Generate live link for viewers
    • Hosted on The UGA website and viewable to anyone with the link
    • Each event receives it's own dedicated page

Live Scoring - The UGA Tour App


The UGA Tour App is a 100% Free app that we offer for the members of any club. The app integrates fully with The Commissioner platform to allow for live scoring, stats tracking and live leaderboard presentation for any leagues, events, tournaments set up by a club using The Commissioner platform.


The UGA Tour App will automatically open a round for any players registered on the app who are playing in a tournament or event, whenever it starts. This allows one player to score for their team or group and will run a live leaderboard during an event which is viewable for the players on the app.


Not only does The UGA Tour App facilitate live tournaments and events, but any players with a profile will be able to view a large array of stats and information about their game which grows as they use the app more.

With over 30 000 courses on our database, players & club members can use the app to score and track stats any time - even for social rounds!



League Module

Creating leagues for your club creates the perfect sub-structures within the club for stats regarding each division and player within to group to be recorded as well as for on-going league table to unfold, giving players a more immersive experience through having more to play for than stand-alone events.


Can't find the format you're looking for on our list of preset formats? Use the built in format customiser to create the format you want & save it as a preset for future use.

*Applies to team formats only

Course Stats

The Commissioner generates statistics by analysing scores at your course(s). On top of 18 or 9-hole scoring averages, view hole specific stats with regards to gross and net scoring averages, greens and fairways hit, putts and more.